It’s time to engage in some pillow talk

Learn what others have to say, what the experts say and read about the experiences of other sufferers of premature ejaculation (PE). Take the polls and read the articles breaking down the results for a better understanding of PE.

Baby, we need to talk…

Of the many difficult conversations you’ve had to have, this one takes the cake. How do you tell your man you’re not satisfied in bed? Take Cindy, who didn’t know how to tell her partner Paul how unfulfilled she was with their sexual relationship. Paul suffered from a lack of control, a medical condition commonly […]

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Breaking the ice: How to encourage your man to talk about improving your sex life

Some women have accepted that they will never be fully satisfied in bed. After all as women, wanting to improve our sex lives might make us seem promiscuous right? Wrong. Sexual satisfaction is a crucial part of healthy, loving relationships and you shouldn’t be afraid to take steps to improve it. The Asia-Pacific Sexual Behaviours […]

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I think I might have PE… Now what?

A satisfying sex life is a relationship issue, a self-esteem issue, and most importantly a quality of life issue. But most of us don’t like to talk about one of the main obstacles to a healthy sex life: a lack of control during sex otherwise known as premature ejaculation (PE). It is the most common […]

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6 things standing in the way of great sex

Eric and Samantha are a young married couple living with her family in a tiny Hong Kong apartment. They are happy to belong to a big, proud family of three generations living relatively harmoniously in a city they love. But there is one problem: they have no time to themselves. Something or someone always interrupts […]

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Confessions of a PE sufferer

Celia was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Tall and statuesque, with almond-shaped eyes that smiled and long black hair flowing over her shoulders. Celia drove me mad with desire just by the sight of her. The fact that she was so funny and kind made me want her more. I realized I […]

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